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Combating Counterfeiting: Legal Actions by Meta and Christian Louboutin, and Gucci's Lawsuits in New York


Luxury Brands & Brands Ambassadors


Luxury brands and brand ambassadors


Gender-breaking norms in fashion

The legacy of Vivienne Westwood

When Discrete meets

RizRiz Paris



The new brand

on fleek

Sparkling Shadows

Wait, Retro is still relevant ?

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Did we really stop during quarantine ?


Fashion and Fuel

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The Mugler revival

Dream Back to the SHANG Dynasty


Our Micro Phylosophy

The “darkest” fashion week in history?

The fashion vortex of the 2000s---Y2K

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Moonwalk : Is fashion going backwards ?

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Alt-fashion is not Alt anymore

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5 designer brands whose back hurts from carrying the future of fashion

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Bottega-gate :

law enforcement is nothing for the 1%

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drives us furious

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We found Gucci’s

recipe for success

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BTS are the best brand ambassadors : here’s why

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Chelsea Grays


The style in hope and inspiration

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