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BY Aristopher HUANG

16  March  2021

After a year of stagnation and darkness, INTERDEE found the inspiration for their 2021 autumn/winter ready-to-wear collection in the symbol of theater art.

The actors in the theater only present roles?

Or are they themselves?

Under the circumstance of the pandemic, where is our direction?

After a year of stagnation and darkness, INTERDEE found the inspiration for their 2021 autumn/winter ready-to-wear collection in the symbol of theater art.

Who am I? This old proposition is more poetic in theater art, and it is also full of self-reflection. Behind the colorful lights of the theater is endless darkness, and in the darkness, the real actors after taking off their costumes are hidden.

When people are eager to break through the darkness to find their true self, it is the moment when the sun shines into the darkness. Looking back at the "Belle Époque" period in the 19th century, people are more than ever admiring dramatic comic performances and exotic decorations-----the symbols of theatrical art have become particularly prominent in this era.

With highly saturated colors and old-age style tailoring, in such a special "darkest moment", INTERDEE brings us back to the era of fantasy drama in the 2021 autumn and winter series.And unlike those rare stars in the 19th century, with the development of the media, every ordinary person has the right to stand in the spotlight, and everyone can become a "star" on the stage. Bold makeup and bright clothes cooperate with each other. On the show of the 2021 autumn and winter series, we seem to be in a 19th-century theater. Under the red lights, we see the dream woven by INTERDEE for us, full of drama art and fantasy of the old age.

Except the “Belle Epoque”, the dazzling era of 20th also gives inspirations for the collections of this season. In that era, countless artists were born. Female artists Maria Callas, Josephine Baker, and Montmartre painters represented by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, they are all the muses of this season. Together they promote and enrich the theater culture. These actors appeared at the front of the stage and gradually became "stars" in the modern sense.

INTERDEE brings their brilliance and beauty to the autumn and winter ready-to-wear collections, presenting the "theater core" in the context of the pandemic in a brand-new way.Every generation has experienced the moment from darkness to embracing the light. The more difficult the time, the more people like absurd theater and glamorous theater art. With the brilliant lights and glamorous costumes of the theater, people seem to be able to see the coming of a bright future.

After the pandemic, we are bound to enter a new era. In this moment, the addition of colors in the new collections of INTERDEE also means that we will move from the darkness to those splendid days, a new “Belle Époque”.

No matter how brilliant the drama is, it will come to an end.The seemingly endless darkness also has an end moment.After the lights off, the star who take off his theater costumes greet not darkness, but his own fabulous life.And when the darkness ends, we will usher in a new era full of freedom and vitality.


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The designer Chelsea Grays, and her second collections created sensation at the New York fashion week.

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