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Send us between 6 and 20 high res photos,

4 to 10 looks 

with all credits for clothes and team members

We prefer creative and contemporary fashion works.

No selfies, No just one picture.


The material will have to be exclusive and send via Dropbox (if you send it with Wetransfer, we could not get it) together with a Doc file with a credit list of all the fashion used and creative team involved on the project, including their Instagram accounts links.


Please note that this process can take up to 1-3 working days due to the submissions received


For fashion editorials, please send a work with at least three clothing* brands. 

(excluding spa brands)

If only one brand is used, or if a work focuses on a specific brand, it is considered branded content and free publishing is not possible because of the purpose of promoting a specific brand.


We select the best work every month.

If it is selected as the best work, the selected works are exposed on the homepage main throughout the month.

Challenge the best PAP editorial of the month.


Thank you for considering DISCRĒTE Magazine.

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