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Dream Back to the SHANG Dynasty


Contribuant: Xiani LU

07  February  2021

Xuedi PAN put an imaginative spin on tailored silhouettes in a collection by entwining the modern world of design with the Shang Dynasty. 

©  Summer LIU

A classic French landscape meets the iconic Chinese Shang Dynasty. Xuedi PAN embodied her design philosophy via an enthralling intersection of two worlds with her collection une âme, deux corps (one soul, two bodies) set in Normandy's medieval Gaillard castle.

© u.isme

Look 1 © u.isme

At a time when post-90s Chinese designers flock to their homeland to make a name after studying the western design system, this is the moment for Chinese designers to flourish domestically and globally. Will this young Chinese fashion designer become another revival example of celebrating one's cultural identity with her passion and eloquent vision?

While the Shang Dynasty inspired the collection, a monumental period in Chinese history (1600 BC – 1046 BC) when the oracle bone script first emerged - and with it came the power to record history for the generations to come. Xuedi blended Oracle bone script elements into the design, but she was inspired far beyond its visual aesthetics.

Look 1

A modern and fabulous nonetheless look, V-neck loose sweater in 100% cashmere with drooping armholes and long sleeves finished by ribbons at the wrists and the bottom. Silk skirt slit on the side, closing invisible in the back.

Look 2 


The dress is covered by two panels, irregularly sewn on the sides, knotted with a leather cord in the back. The Rêveuse and Intuition highlighted the theme of the story as on prints.

© u.isme

Look 2 © u.isme

“It is like a conversation between every Chinese girl and history. Our history is always in our dreams, in our blood, in our bodies. We seem to know each other, recorded and remembered in every long period. The truth is that we are all the same, we are all the same girl in China, U is me (U.isme)". Even in this fast-paced modern era, we cannot shake the curiosity from the past, the allure of the beauty our ancestors have created. Our history's richness compels us to dive into the past and see the various selves from a different time.

Styliste Designer: @xuedi_pan


Video making : @bin_andre_83 studio 

MUA: @jingyii_mua

Photo Assistant: @cleo_the_neuzchi

Model: @xingxingmao1@yichun_chen

Brand : @u.isme__




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