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Our Micro Philosophy

15  February  2021

HOMOLOG 2021 Spring/Summer Series

“What we feel

when we start to think about life?” 

“What we are focusing

when we observe the surroundings?”

As the generation that lives in the cusp of development, it is not difficult for us to find that the flow fashion is changing faster than ever. All kinds of novel and elusive concepts emerge in endlessly, dazzling our mind, let us become less and less clear about the essence of life itself.

So we decided to return to the most primitive way of life----to feel the warmth of the air, the color of the sun, the sparkle in the night, the old images that emerged after closing our eyes... Those tiny things that we don't care about have always affected our judgment of happiness.


In HOMOLOG's spring and summer series, we present these microscopic fantasies on the ready-made clothes in our way.

Cloud-colored satin and lace stitching suit, old tulle cloak and daisy flowers, starry sky and dream rhinestone dress…We put ourselves in that more ancient and glorious era, constructed a new and old, light and dark dream with the shadows we observed and imagined in the micro world.

Splicing fabrics is not a new thing, but we want to use the splicing of different fabrics to show an interesting life mood that is both imaginative and full of thoughtfulness. Tulle and heavy flannel, lace and big rhinestones... these different materials are superimposed on each other, revealing their charm to us in the dimness-just like life itself. No avant-garde, shocking tailor. In the classic version, we still try to jump out from the mundane mediocrity.

If you ask us what we feel when we start to think about life, I would say that everything is so fast and elusive, like sand flowing away in our hands, it is difficult for us to grasp the details of life itself.

If you ask me what we’re focusing when we observe the surroundings, I would say that everything starts from those tiny things that we never put attention on. 

In this spring and summer, we’re inspired by this micro philosophy. We also want to convey this idea to more people, respect every element and detail in life and live, and integrate with our planet, with our lives and fantasy.


屏幕快照 2021-02-26 下午4.10.31.png

Chelsea Grays 

The designer Chelsea Grays, and her second collections created sensation at the New York fashion week.

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