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Hed Mayner Fall 2021



5 designer brands whose back hurts from carrying the future of fashion 

BY Kelly Lauriente

01 April  2021


As we once asked if fashion was going backwards, it was only fair to respond and give credit where it’s due. Here are 5 of our favorite designers of the moment.


This season has generated a big internet buzz for Coperni. Since 2013, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant created silhouettes infused with futuristic lines and clean cuts. It’s needless to say, but Coperni is currently one of the hottest designer brand out there.

Coperni Fall 2021


No wonders Juun.J is already a big name. Since its creation in 2007, Korean designer Jung Wook Jun collaborated with huge fashion brands such as Canada Goose. 


Oversized yet elevated, there’s definitely something refreshing in Jung Wook Jun’s body of work. Oscillating between tailoring and utilitarian looks -when not mixing both of these aesthetics- Juun.J succeeds in continuously providing strong designs which we’re not likely to grow bored of over time.

Juun.J Fall 2021


We probably had the best of Lorenzo Serafini at this Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion week. 


Succeeding to Alberta Ferretti in 2014, Lorenzo  Serafini gave us multiple statements since then. This season was certainly all about school uniforms and bold initials. We’re confident saying that Philosophy is coming back stronger season after season, and this time was better than it ever did.

Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Fall 2021

Hed Mayner

Winner of the Karl Lagerfeld special prize at the 2019 LVMH prize. Hed Mayner fills its military-inspired creations with a brilliant Jewish take.


Hed Mayner brings an unexpected sense of timelessness, still, in perfect resonance with our era. 

Hed Mayner Fall 2021

Dilara Findikoglu

Dilara Findikoglu is the embodiment of a 18th century revival we didn’t know we needed in 2021. From corsets to eye-catching shirts, Turkish Dilara Findikoglu is unapologetically bringing back an aesthetic one would have deemed outdated. 

Dilara Findikoglu via Instagram

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