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Gucci Aria Fashion Show



We found Gucci’s recipe for success 

BY Kelly Lauriente

22  April  2021


On April 15th, Gucci was celebrating its 100th anniversary with a fashion show called ‘Aria’. While it felt like a reconciliation between present and past, ‘Aria’ was also undoubtedly a foresight from the future. Pioneer in many ways, the fashion powerhouse seems to remain well ahead of its time. Many would ask how, ourselves included.

First comes an undeniably strong DNA. There’s an inherent sense of excitement when it comes to Gucci. We remember these campaigns showcasing a dancefloor jam-packed with thrilled models. That unwavering joy was the epitome of confidence. But it’s not only symbolic, Gucci nearly always opts for bold retro designs and regal materials such as velvet. You simply cannot wear a Gucci garment without being a little bit Gucci yourself. It is, in fact, almost an act of cultural integration.

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Gucci Aria Fashion Show

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Gucci Aria Fashion Show

The GG logo and GG patterns both are a powerful mean of identification. They are meant to be an iconic statement. Thanks to the hip-hop movement, it went even beyond as creatives like Dapper Dan made loud custom replicas. Cleverly enough, legal pursuits came to an end and Michele signed a collab with Dapper Dan in 2018, recognizing streetwear as a major inspiration. The viral Balenciaga crossover during the Aria fashion show is a reenactment of that formula.

Gucci Aria Fashion Show

We also have the massive involvement of popular muses from ASAP Rocky or Jared Leto, to Lana del Rey and Iggy Pop. Endorsing celebrities from such diverse artistic backgrounds allows Gucci to reach an outstanding wide audience. And it works, brilliantly. Not only is Gucci one of the most followed brand on Instagram, it is now a great pop-culture instance. To such an extent that the house is able to generate spontaneous praises from highly influential figures, such as Gucci Mane or Kim Taehyung.

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Gucci 2020 Tailoring campaign, starring Iggy Pop, Tyler The Creator & ASAP Rocky

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2018 Gucci x Dapper Dan

Whereas the ‘Big 3’ fashion houses -Chanel ; Louis Vuitton ; Dior- recipe for success often rhymes with wealth and elitism, Gucci is more uninhibited and casual. It had already started with Tom Ford, who famously instigated 90’s porno chic. Nowadays, the brand successfully maintains its powerful image but keeps putting a great emphasis on democratization. As a matter of fact, it’s been amongst the first luxury brands to provide an accessible product line in marge of its more expensive items.

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Gucci Fall 2001

From its tough debuts with Guccio Gucci to current Alessandro Michele, Gucci had many faces. Until today, the brand enjoys a pretty unique position in the industry.  Full of big chains and jockey outfits, the symbolism of ‘Aria’ is rather explicit : the house will keep having the best of both worlds, even during these challenging times.


No doubts Gucci is ready for another century. 

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