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The “darkest” fashion week in history?

BY Aristopher Huang

10 March  2021

The 2021/2022 Women's Fall Winter Fashion Week has just passed, and so far, we have spent nearly a year under the shadow of the epidemic. On the way home stuck in time at 6 pm, we often miss the streets of Paris, which used to be bustling all night.

Although it is the early spring that is gradually warming up, after months of lockdown and curfew life, a gloomy atmosphere has always been shrouded in Paris.

Due to the epidemic, all the shows in this fashion week were conducted online. Therefore, the fashion week of this season is like the situation in the whole world, unable to escape the shadow of the COVID-19, everywhere is full of gloom, frustration and an atmosphere of eagerness to escape. Different brands are using their methods to remind us that the world has changed tremendously, and everything is no longer the same as before. In this year full of health restrictions, many people have forgotten what fashion is---staying at home all day, wearing pajamas staring at the online courses on the computer screen, and occasionally taking out the crumpled Shirt to cope with video conferences. From time to time, seeing photos of traveling around the world in the past, it also arouses the desire of escape in our hearts.

Repressed steel forest


Givenchy 2021FW’s show seems to have constructed a damp and dark underground steel labyrinth for us. It is filled with a repressive atmosphere, as if a science fiction world with no hope in the future.


The lonely palace of Versailles


Dior's show was held at the Palace of Versailles. The elegant Dior has always been in perfect harmony with the splendid Palace of Versailles. Under the golden hall and exquisite crystal lights, the models wearing Dior costumes walked through the golden hall, appearing luxurious and beautiful-this is the Dior and Versailles we imagined.

But this time what Dior presented to us was the weird and lonely Palace of Versailles.


On the creepy night, Dior opened the big show with a ghostly dance. The girl in the Dior dress struggled to get up and danced alone in the dark.

The promenade of the Palace of Versailles was covered with thorns, and the models walked in the darkness in black and white clothes, dull but anxious. At the end of the show, a young girl in a red dress appeared. She walked out of the corridor, looking into the distance in the dark.


During this gloomy year, we’ve seen that how our life was changed. Everyone is releasing out their mode with their own ways. Just like the two shows we just watched.


How the future will go? I think we all have our own answers in our hearts.


屏幕快照 2021-02-26 下午4.10.31.png

The designer Chelsea Grays, and her second collections created sensation at the New York fashion week.

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