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BTS are the best brand ambassadors : here’s why 

BY Kelly Lauriente

13  May  2021


On April 23rd was announced that BTS were about to become global brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton. Earlier that month, the boy-scouts joined the McDonald’s hall of fame by revealing their own upcoming menu. Being both high-end and accessible is quite a challenge, but it’s not the first time that RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, V and Jungkook pushed some borders. Here’s a quick rundown of BTS’ unwavering success.

With that pristine image of theirs, it’s pretty unavoidable to like BTS. Not only do they constantly convey a cheerful message, but the boys have proven more than once that they were actors of change. During the pandemic, BTS have been committed to fight depression, racism and even child abuses. Indeed, the members have often partnered with the United Nations in an attempt to help those with self-love issues.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-05 at

BTS wearing Louis Vuitton at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards

But behind BTS’ success is also their dedicated fandom. ‘Armys’, as we call them, are one of the most powerful and proactive fandom in the entertainment industry. As stated by their name, Armys are militarily organized. In fact, any BTS event is unofficially maneuvered by their fans. Through coordinated actions, such as coordinated buying, streams or attendance, Armys are guaranteeing almost any BTS gig of a resounding victory. Marketing wise, it’s pretty much a 100% winning strategy. No wonders that upcoming Louis Vuitton’s campaigns are gonna be a massive hit on social medias. 

Gucci 2020 Tailoring campaign, starring Iggy Pop, Tyler The Creator & ASAP Rocky

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-05 at

BTS to become Louis Vuitton’s global ambassadors

Moreover, it’s crucial to understand why there’s such a particular bond between the boys-band and their fans. The K-pop industry is one of the most competitive musical industry in the world. Coming from quite a small label, BTS had to rely on their fans for years before achieving some sort of success. To build loyalty, the relationship with their fans has been thoroughly fed by short-clips showcasing the dorky day-to-day life of the band, allowing millions of adulescents to relate a little more to their idols. What’s quite impressive here, is that it has been done years before the age of TikTok or Instagram.

When Virgil Abloh took Louis Vuitton’s artistic direction in 2018, it was undeniably one of fashion’s biggest cultural reset. Not only did he successfully brought a modern take on the house’s most iconic designs, he has also been known for its artistic approach of social issues. Louis Vuitton is hitting the nail on the head with this endorsement. In these harsh times for the Asian community, there was, indeed, a great need for mainstream Asian representation.

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