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the new brand on fleek 

BY Clara Martin

22 December 2021


Homolog is an exciting and passionate young brand to not miss under any circumstances.

Passionate about fashion and haute couture since she was a child, Emily Cheong saw her dream to create a luxury brand come true in 2018: Homolog. Since its first parade on December 28, 2019, at the castle of Villa Badia in Italy, on the theme of faith, the brand continues to travel around the world for various events and occasions. In addition to its showrooms in Paris, New York, Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur, Homolog is now on the podium of Fashion Week. We could see the brand’s creations at the last Parisian and Milanese Fashion Week, and we can also find it at the Modest Fashion Week in Dubai on the 18th November 2021.

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It is in its Parisian showroom located on the Champs Elysées that most of the Homolog parts are made by hand. Inspired by a certain idea of spirituality, beliefs and life in general, each piece is handmade with the best materials possible and embroidered by hand.

Gucci 2020 Tailoring campaign, starring Iggy Pop, Tyler The Creator & ASAP Rocky


Indeed, Emily Cheong likes to carefully select the fabrics that will be used to give life to her creations. She does not hesitate to travel the world to inspire herself and source new materials, especially in China where she likes to choose the best possible quality of silk to make high-fashion pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. “I like that my creations are of the best possible quality. I want people to buy my pieces for the right reasons, knowing that they will be wearing high-end clothing,” says the Homolog designer.


In addition to her passion for fashion, Emily Cheong has a PhD in psychology and is driven by her obsession with culture and humanity. It is in these subjects that she draws her inspiration, and from there came the idea of her new collection. The collection is composed of silk kaftan decorated with embroideries representing human thought, as well as floral embroidered dresses with classic cuts inspired by traditional pieces. All these creations can be worn day or night. The next collection, meanwhile, will have spirituality and its symbols as its theme, a subject that fascinates the creator and that she does not cease to rediscover through her numerous trips in South America and Asia. “I am fascinated by the beliefs and symbols associated with them. Whatever belief a culture is attached to is all about spirituality, the connection between soul and nature, and it is this that inspires me on a daily basis,” the designer concludes.


Homolog is an exciting and passionate young brand to not miss under any circumstances!

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