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When Discrete meets

RizRiz Paris 

BY Clara Martin

07 February 2022


I founded RizRiz because I wanted to put my process of “wandering” into an artistic method; creating clothes and “pinching cloth.” I want to put into fabric the kind of beauty that touches me.

Have you ever heard about the RizRiz Paris brand, the parisian brand made in France. We had a chance to meet the designer in her parisian showroom/art galery, and ask her all our questions.

Q: Who is behind RizRiz Paris ?

A: I am Yunxia Zhang, the founder and designer behind RizRiz Paris. I am an artist who was born in China but with roots in New Zealand, as well. I love travelling and hope to never stop exploring. I founded RizRiz because I wanted to put my process of “wandering” into an artistic method; creating clothes and “pinching cloth.” I want to put into fabric the kind of beauty that touches me.

At the same time, I want to prove the doubts I have about the state of the fashion industry today. The process of creation is a kind of cultivation, born out of spontaneity. It isn’t something that can be rigidly designed from a marketing concept. In the market today, creation no longer erupts from the depths of the soul but has become a product that is designed, workshopped and focus grouped in advance. Creation emerges from stories, creation is a process, it emerges spontaneously, and is discovered along the way and is not something that can be designed beforehand. Creation without spontaniety is no longer creation, it is simply the manufacturing of a product.


Q: When was the house founded ?

A: The RizRiz Pairs store opened in 2015 but I began preparing as early as 2013. When I chose its location I learnt about its history. It’s an 18th century building but all the old stones were covered with modern plastic. During a period of three years. I knocked out all of the news walls in the store in order to return the building to its most original appearance. Every detail at RizRiz Paris involves bringing the location back to its most beautiful form. I spent three years crafting and sculpting her into a building with a type of primitive beauty.


Q: How can we recognize a RizRiz Paris product ?

A: RizRiz Paris ships a maximum of 6 pieces of each garment and each of our products are handcrafted. Traveling around the world exposed me to many ancient types of fabric. I brought them to re-dye, including hand-woven clothes. I especially enjoy dying with plants, I believe this is part of an essential beauty: we must be in touch with our own natural body temperature. In terms of design, I hope that people who wear the clothes will perceive this emotion for the first time. Through the fabrics and dying process, they can feel the innoncence in the clothing. I can’t help but design clothes with some quirk in the design. Details such as pockets which extend down the side of a coast or maxi skirts which can be used as belts, or a waistcoat that can turn into a scarf, or a dress that can be turned into a modernist art installation at home. We put a lot of focus on crafing beautiful, handmade buttons. I hope when our customers wear our clothes, they can feel their own creativity and they can play with them and wear them in unique ways. I like to create details and join hands with our guests to allow them to create as well. Instead of being excited just because of a label and brand, our customers can interact with our clothing.


Q: Where can we buy the products of RizRiz Paris ?

A: You can find us on Saint-Germain des Pres in Paris. We also work closely with boutique retailers such as EGGS London.

Q: What are the house's future plans ?

A: I have been fighting against mainstream fashion. My largest goal is to explore the creative process and express the relationship between people and clothing as an art form. My objective is to be able to explore the relationship between the human body and clothing, as an artistic form. I want to liberate people from traditional stereotypes of luxury. The next chapter of RizRiz Paris is to organize more exhibitions and present our concepts in sincere ways.


Q: Would you be ready to collaborate with another house or artist ? If so, which one and why ?

A: Each artist has their own way of expressing themselves. I don’t pursue brand-to-brand alliances with the goal of achieving exposure, but I would never reject a collaboration with someone who shares a common vision with me and understands my philosophy.


To discover more about Riz Riz Paris click here.

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