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Wait, Retro is still relevant ? 

BY Kelly Lauriente

02 July 2021


In a previous article, we were wondering if fashion was going backwards ? As retro keeps coming back, some audacious people decided to push the idea a little bit further and have a whole brand based on past eras. 

Since 2017, Retro Stage gathers a community of passionate designers, dedicated to bringing back silhouettes from the 20’s to the 60’s. While many of us would deem retro style most suited for a Gatsby-themed party, Retro Stage hits different. Indeed, a particular attention is given to details and materials. The point is clear : make retro designs casual again.


@retrostage_official on Instagram

We invite you to join us in this elegant and mysterious performance”, they say. As they don’t hide their motivations, Retro Stage invite each and every one of their customer to become a part of the brand. Clothes, here, aren’t just a garment. but a testimony from the past, as much as  an extension of your own personality.  was quarantining, I, too, came across many thoughts. Existential, for most of them. I would have never thought of living a middle-age-like plague. But I wasn’t the only one thinking about reinventing myself.

Gucci 2020 Tailoring campaign, starring Iggy Pop, Tyler The Creator & ASAP Rocky


@retrostage_official on Instagram

Not aficionados only !


@retrostage_official on Instagram

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