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Bonjour Brand

opens its showroom

in Paris


05 july 2022

The way to be the new start of the Chinese market.

Bonjour Brand, originally Bonjour Shanghai is a lifestyle showroom specialized in Chinese brands collaborating with French designers. This was Created by a team of Chinese graphic designers 11 years ago, Bonjour Brand aims to create and facilitate relations between China and France through creative collaborations around an everyday object. This team is a group made up of Chinese women in France, Bonjour Brand has set up its offices at 22 rue du Quatre-Septembre in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.


By the opening of the showroom on Tuesday, 28th of June, this marks the start of a new adventure of Bonjour Brand, from now on the showroom will have the opportunity to present all these collaborations as it wishes, with an average event every 3 months compared to the yearly occasion before. The vocation of the Bonjour Brand team hopes to create a showroom to present a co-working space where they could meet with talented French designers who wishes to collaborate with Chinese brands on a daily basis. These meetings will allow them to always be at the forefront of French trends, so they are always ready to change and adapt. But also to strengthen ties and communication with Chinese brands so they could always look to be more efficient and creative, always trying their hardest to improve as they work.


In order to collaborate more globally, the showroom is no longer limited to work with French designers only, although for them the French touch still remains very attractive, now they often look to collaborate with other designers, for example; Belgian, American, Brazilian (etc…) They look for open minded and flexible designers with a definite taste and a strong desire to work with Chinese brands. On the other hand, the Bonjour Brand team in China has been recently focusing on Chinese brands with a strong sensitivity for sustainable development and ecology. One of their most impressive projects must be the NIO project, an eco-friendly car brand that has launched a high-end ready-to-wear brand from recycled materials such as leather and metals.

Today it is possible for any motivated and talented designer to contact Bonjour Brand by email by sending their portfolio in and they may be selected by the team for a project. For the more daring and brave it is also possible to go directly on site and meet the team, because Bonjour Brand is a place of exchange and conversation and that cannot be done without Fun, since innovative collaborations are all about discovering and displaying talent as it is.


So, do you dare to snatch the opportunity to become the future designer who will be the new star of the Chinese market?

For more information, please visit

Instagram @bonjourbrand

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