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May 28




Café Mojo history 

BY Alozia Levet

5 JANAURY 2021

You could say Café Mojo was born during the pandemic. Right in the middle of Paris, it is located 41 rue Abbé Grégoire nearby Luxembourg Park, le Bon Marché and other landmarks. 


Sinem, the Turkish owner, made sure every little detail would meet the expectations of an international and sophisticated crowd. And opening a café, the French epitome of social life, during such an inauspicious year, and struggling to keep it flowing tells us quite a story.

Sinem is a former professional hurdler. Physical performance led the first part of her life, in Turkey, where she also ran a fitness club. As the political situation worsened, the mental strength she developped hurdling probably gave her some help, as she faced challenges of a new kind. She realized freedom and women emancipation were essential parts of her life. Leaving Istanbul to the City of Lights appeared just as the right thing to do.

French language was the next, unexpected and huge hurdle that was set in front of her when Sinem arrived in Paris. But as hard as it might be, she just kept on going forward with her life and started making connections with people from various backgrounds. In a few months, Sinem was an accomplished athlete of Parisian life – and could communicate pretty much what she wanted with the language of Molière.

That's when she met Min, a young Chinese woman who graduated the year before from yet another world famous French cuisine school, le Cordon bleu. After a professional marathon working in the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant, she decided to start a partnership with Sinem to bring Café Mojo to the next level – finding a way to keep the boat afloat the Covid-19 storm. A former fashion designer and business woman, Min shares with Sinem the desire to create meaningful ways for people to interact and to find meaning in delicacies. Nutrition, life balance, creativity and art are the mottos for Café Mojo.

Café Mojo is the story of a friendship and a common resolve to overcome the current crisis with ideas, taste & love.

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