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I feel that my dream is still going on, while others think that I will stop only at the success that I managed to get, but I think I still have other projects to do to be able to  reach my dream. 

Modèle : Lu Xianren 

  Photo : @axlejozeph 

 Styling : @coreywinston_

Make up : @dearkenya_

 Hair : @fannyfraslin

Production : @paroleparis

Who is Lu Xianren ? 

Lu Xianren is a very talented Chinese fashion blogger with a very interesting background. 

Despite the financial situation in his family Lu Xianren always dreamed of being a model while his friends were interested in cartoons he had his interest in modelling, and he spent his days imitating them even walking like a model on the way to school. Not having the means to enrol in modelling schools, he was inspired by the videos he saw on the tv. 



Top: Prada

Shorts: Prada
Glasses: Rick Owens

He made clothes out of materials such as fabrics of carport and old blankets in order to respect the environment. He designs and creates his own performance. Also presented shows in very modest places such as corridors and fields and Lu Xianren made videos to post them on social networks including tiktok the chinese version where he has more than 11 million subscribers and his videos have been read 7,2 billions times. 

At that time he did not have enough means to buy materials so he used objects that we see on a daily basis such as woven bags, branches, old blankets, etc. and after having adjusted and matched them he created amazing outfits without a stage, he took the crumbling rooftops and the countryside as his catwalk stage. While knowing how to present his creations to the world on the networks to attract attention to what he proposed. 

However, being a very humble man he only realised that he was starting to be famous when he returned to his hometown and some locals recognized him, they told him how much they’re proud of him and that they wanted to take some pictures. 



Full Look : Louis Vuitton

According to the blogger, to succeed on social networks  you have to go through several stages when he started on social networks is a completely unknown environment. He therefore followed his passion while doing his best to come up with innovative ideas because he has the particularity of learning and absorbing information quickly, a bit like a sponge. When he succeeded in arousing curiosity with the spectators, certain brands therefore contacted him for partnerships. 

By evolving little by little on social networks he was able to form his small team. But what remains funny is that his videos that he makes with his family and the videos of him working in the fields remain the most popular which gives this warm and empathetic aspect to his content. That allowed him to have great experiences such as covers in magazines and even invitations to walk at certain fashion shows. 

Lu Xianren is a very famous face in China because of his magnificent creations and he tries to have another identity to be able to enter the international scene. He plans to collaborate with appropriate brands and that he likes a lot but he believes that to enter the abroad market he has a lot of changes to make and still hoping that big brands will contact him to work and he is certain that he won't let them down and he will do a good job. 


During the interview we asked Lu Xianren what is your biggest dream and he replied "I feel that my dream is still going on, while others think that I will stop only at the success that I managed to get, but I think I still have other projects to do to be able to  reach my dream.” These words can be taken as words of motivation for the new generation out there because we must not stop at what we have already accomplished but still push and work harder than we used to do.

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