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Cover Story



Model: Poupie

Photographer: Axel Jozeph @axlejozeph

Styliste: Anais Kevorkian @anaiskevorkian

Hair : Jerome @hairbyjerome

Make up : Celine Lanclume @celinel_muha

Assistantes styliste : Sarah Dambielle & Cristina Medina @la.damb / @_medin


LOOK 1 :

Bodysuits: Maison Mourcel

Belt : Nicolas Besson

Hat : Julie Chauvet

K: You show us you have a part of you that reflects the  image of a child, and yet your texts lead you to believe that an adult also exists in you, how do you manage this balance ?

P: I really think that each of us has that part in them. The hardest thing to do is to find this balance you are talking about, so every moment is not regrettable, but comfortable and nice. I think that an adult that doesn’t have that child soul in him, has lost a lot, but i also think that an adult acting too much like a child is wrong. The balance is so hard to find, but when you have it, it is the key to everything. 

K: When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music, by singing ? 

P: I never really knew it but it was something I felt. Music makes me feel good. It gives me that feeling I can't ignore. I think it came true when I finally took a step into this music industry. They welcomed me so nicely and gave me the chance to express myself and share my ideas, without judging how i am. 


LOOK 2 :

Suits:  T.VDB

Chapeau : Julie Chauvet

BO : Helene Zubeldia

Rings : Gregory Assad

K: What’s the hardest part of being a young artist ? 

P: When you are a young artist, you may be afraid of not being credible. The truth is that the more you believe in your ideas the more people will believe in you. Also I believe that age doesn’t matter, you just need a lot of confidence in your ideas and vision, and the rest will follow. 

K: There are a lot of reggae, Latin and trap inspirations in your work. How come?

P: I have travelled a lot, especially in countries like Spain. It helped me to open myself to understand different cultures from which I take inspiration every day, to create my music. I think that to be free is to create without limit by mixing genres.

K: Which French or foreigners would you like the most to collaborate with, and why?

P: I would love to collaborate with artists like Bad Bunny or Lady Gaga. They have an atypical personality that represents themselves in the deepest way.  

K: I heard that you were a quick changing mind girl… If you were to stop singing tomorrow, what would you do ?

P:  I would love to become a cowboy.


LOOK 3 :

Suits:  8Igb_communityclothing

Sunglasses : Oackley

Necklace & Rings : Helene Zubeldia

Rings : Thomas V

K: “ Enfant roi ” is the name you gave to your first album, do you feel like a queen ?

P: It really depends. Sometimes I feel I can control everything I am doing and going. But being a queen or not, it is always satisfying to feel you have everything under control.  


LOOK 4 :

Suits:  Seyit.Ares

Shoes : Rombaut

K: I have a magic wand with me, but I only give you one wish. What is it?

P: Let me teleport myself.


LOOK 5 :

Suits:  Andrea Grossi

Shoes : Rombaut

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