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Cannelle in wonderland


From a mere glance at her Instagram, you are quickly submerged by a flow of saturated colors and bubblegum pop nostalgia. Cannelle, who goes by the name of @canfrgu on Instagram, represents a fascinating generation Z, at ease with differences yet open about harsh self-consciousness. Sneak peek into the effervescent mind of an adulting influencer.

Interview : Kelly Lauriente  

Photographer: @Axlejozeph

Look 1:

Robe:Gregory Assad

KL: What did Instagram change for you ?

C: My self-confidence, especially as a young mixed woman. I feel a little more in my place in this world thanks to the Internet.

KL: You have quite an alternative look, tell us about your inspirations.

C: I take a lot of my inspiration from 90s FRUITS magazine, Mowalola, Hysteric Glamour, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Vivienne Westwood… I often go to thrift shops, Depop or Vinted. I also buy some customed clothes from cool independent brands I find on Instagram.


KL: When did you understand that you were somewhat different ?

C: The day I’ve been called “the alien” in 1st grade because of my antenna-like hairstyle. Afro hair tends to grow upwards. I had some serious confidence issues because of that when I was young. Especially since I grew up surrounded by all those straight-haired classmates. Accepting my hair really took me a long time. Shaving my head in 2020 felt like a fresh start to me.

KL: Tell us about the most memorable partnership you’ve done.

Didi:Fenty Beauty. Because I was able to meet Rihanna. Not once, but twice. Once during the launch in Paris, then during my trip to Seoul. Not only did I participate in a campaign for a brand that inspires me, but I mean, I literally met Rihanna !

Look 2:

Top:Jean Paul Gaultier 

Jupe: Homolog

KL: The hardest part of being an influencer ?

C: To understand that not everybody sees a “Hello, I’m famous” sign over your head. As I have social anxiety, I often want to hide, convinced that people are looking at me and judging me. I never feel that way on the Internet but it happens a lot in real life, on the streets or in high school. Even though, most of the time, people are all leaving in their own bubble. I’m still working on it.

KL: You are pretty young. How do you handle having such a big platform ?

C: I feel like it’s a bit of an accomplishment. It’s all I ever wanted and I never gave up about it. It’s just crazy to think that thousands of people across the world are interested in my day to day life, while I’m living in the countryside in southern France. Then, we laugh, we give some advice to each other, we support each other. My community really is not just about a bunch of ats and hashtags.


Look 3:


Bottes: Naked Wolf

Top: Vintage Dior

KL: if we look at your feed or your drawings, we notice a repeating pattern of enchantment. Why ?

C: There’s not much to explain about it, I just love ethereal aesthetics so much.


It really is a safe-space to me. I always think about it whenever I draw. And I’m not gonna lie, Tinker Bell is a baddie ! 

KL: It came to my attention that you like mangas and animes, any favorite ?

C: I don’t read mangas but I watch animes with my boyfriend. My favorite one is Your Lie in April, it’s amazing but get ready to cry. 

KL: If you were to identify to a fictional character, who would it be ?

C: Lola in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She gives a lot of importance to her clothes, enjoys as much of her life as a young woman as she can before becoming an adult. She’s also crazy about music and concerts.  Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is one of my childhood’s favorite, I never got bored of this somewhat “rockstar” of a character.

KL: Any big name you would like to collaborate with ?

C: Enya Umanzor, such an inspiration.

KL: Where do you picture yourself in 10 years ?

C: No matter where I live. All I want is an apartment amidst buildings with my plants, aquariums and my pets.

KL: Fortunately enough, I have a magic wand with me, but I shall grant you only one wish. What will it be ?

C: A tad cliché but : teleportation.


Look 4:

Pantalon:Grégory Assad

Top: Vintage Fendi

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