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The real fragrance made  in France : L’Essence des Notes

BY Clara Martin

4 JANAURY 2021

If you looking for a real fragrance with a good value for money you must to know L’Essence des Notes. Founded by Huong Mangin in 2007 after years of research and working with master perfumer she made it! 

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The Naturality Collection present two fragrances families, the first one cologne and hesperidia, where we could find the fresh and citrus fruit fragrance as like :

Grapefruit & Basil the best-seller a sparkling composition, really fresh, this fragrance gives a real feeling  of joyful and hapiness.  Unisex it is suitable for women and men.

Cardamom & Sea Spray the perfect alliance of sea and land in one fragrance. 

Lemon & Petitgrain it reminded us of childhood light and fresh.

Orange & Litsée citrus and powder a timeless fragrance.

" Invitation to Travel is the premium line of L’Essence des Notes, the fragrances made by the high perfumery. We could find floral and oriental perfumes. " 

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Rose from Kelaa warm and captivating, it is a real hymne to the beauty. 

Kyara’s Oud  the beautiful floral and woody combination, it is the most sensual from this line.

Angkor’s Oud​ a manly fragrance, a real invitation to the Middle East.

This House is a beautiful and sweet invitation to test different fragrance, most perfumes are unisex L’Essence des Notes proposes. Everyone could find a fragrance, as ready-to-wear L’Essence des Notes offers the possibility to change fragrance like clothes, a fragrance per day, a fragrance per mood.

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