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 Florence Melocco from

ANGES 7 agency


06  Sep  2021

It’s a very good experience and I believe that Leonardo da Vinci would have been very happy to live out this experience as he was the leader of technology and way ahead of his time. He would have really wanted to work with Huawei, at least I think .

We had the pleasure of being invited to the Huawei headquarters in Paris on June 10th to discover the new templates available on all of the brand’s electronic devices via its Huawei Themes app.

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截屏2021-09-06 00.08.41.png

The painter Florence Melocco is offering some of her most beautiful masterpieces to Huawei users as the most original wallpapers, for the daily use of their smartphones. During this interview, Stephane Curtelin, Marketing Director at Huawei consumer business group, gladly agreed to answer our questions:

Q: Huawei Themes is one of the platforms most closely related to art in the consumer sector. As a Specialist in the world of technology, how do you see the fusion of technology and art ? And why is Huawei interested in French artists ?

A: what is important for Huawei in France is to offer products which will interest the French. When we talk about the smartphone in particular, we are talking about a product that we have to carry by hand throughout the day and one of the first points of contact with this product is the screen. That’s why we made large curved screens which allow us to occupy the most space possible, and to make it more pleasant we are looking for collaborations with French artists. For Example, today we are delighted to collaborate with Florence Melocco, who brings us original creations.


It’s really interesting to be able to customize your smartphone using these creations.

截屏2021-09-06 00.09.45.png

Q: What support does Huawei offer to designers, artists and developers?

A: Generally, what we are looking for is to promote local collaborations. In France, we Talk to developers who can participate in making the products as interesting as possible. Here we are talking about the mobile applications, including Themes for this smartphone screen, and that is why we have a program focused on open discussion and collaboration that can receive the financial and technical support necessary to aid artists, developers, or different agencies whichallow us to include a French touch to our smartphones.

Florence Melocco is a French-Italian artist, she brings along her art expertise as well as her inspiration. To learn more about her works available on the Huawei Themes app, she answered our questions about art and technology.

Q: What are your sources of inspiration when it comes to creation?

A: I have multiple sources of inspiration, which are essentially related to nature. Nature, flowers, and botany are really what inspire my art. Then there is the Italian Renaissance, which are my origins of my creations. I love the portraits of the Renaissance. There is also 18th century French art. I love very much the beauty and the richness of 18th century French art, and since I know my agent Mrs. Chen, I have the chance to discover the beauties of Asia and all its handicrafts. For example, with the ornaments that women put in their hairs, the application of my sources of inspiration are really inexhaustible for ornaments as well.     

Q: We have learned that you have worked for eight consecutive years at Disney, could you tell us how your experience has marked your career as an artist ?

A: I had a short stint at Disney, but later I had the chance to earn their trust. For eight years Disney outsourced to my company and they brought me a lot of technical expertise, such as learning to work the subjects differently. In the universe of the subtle marketing, Disney is really the lead when it comes to merchandising.


And it is true that today I no longer look at my paintings as simple paintings. I’m going to look at my painting as a whole to see what extract I am going to be able to take out of the paint to make secondary focuses within a single painting. And it’s great to bring my experience to Huawei. Through working with Huawei, I was able to bring this merchandising experience to reality today.

Q: Speaking of Huawei, could you review your collaboration with this company and this technology brand ?

A: It’s a very good experience and I believe that Leonardo da Vinci would have been very happy to live out this experience as he was the leader of technology and way ahead of his time. He would have really wanted to work with Huawei, at least I think (laugh).

It was a very good experience. Even though there is a distance between Europe and China, the link was made through Mrs. Chen, as our two teams were able to agree, work, and rectify at times technical impossibilities that could happen. Really it was a pleasure.

In our interview, Florence testifies several times to her enchantment to collaborate with Ludan Chen of the agency ANGES 7, she being of Chinese origin, allowed her to rediscover her culture. She is also the middleman who introduced Madame Melocco to Huawei’s technical teams.We wanted to know more by asking her about her role.


Q: Could you tell us more about the collaboration between Florence Melocco and Huawei ?

A: It is a collaboration between science and art that makes it possible to describe the world around us, a real essential need for human beings. Applied science is seen as pure technology and applied art as decoration. These are two intertwined arts making our lives more enjoyable today. Huawei Themes today represents a mobile art gallery which allows consumers to enjoy art and discover artists more easily around the world, such as Florence Melocco and her creations.

Q: We’ve heard about the term “arketing”, so could you tell us a little bit about that ?

A: Arketing is the combination of art and marketing.


Arketing refers to the combination of art and marketing. Art represents a strength in content creation, and it allows us to tell a story and trigger an emotion in the customer in order to increase his desire for the product. Art today represents an added value to brands. It is additional content which allows the brand to have more visibility. Arketing allows customers to enter a different artistic universe than a purely commercial one, it delivers a return on investment, such as on social networks. This content is surprisingly rewarding for consumers.

To discover the different works of Florence Melocco go to Huawei Themes right     now. 

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